Free Printable Friday: The Potty-Training Express

If you’ve ever had to potty-train a child before, you know there are a billion and two books, resources, methods, and experts out there with the trick to successfully get your little one to use the potty. And if you’ve ever had to potty-train a child before, you also know that most of those claims are complete B.S. After inconsistently talking potty-talk to my son over the past year or so, I realized it NEEDED to happen now that he’s just started preschool… but how?! I skimmed over one method that sounded the most logical to me and how Gavin operates, to just throw him into the deep end with “big boy” underwear and no more diapers, not even at naptime. Since that’s not necessarily exciting for a 3-year-old, I had to create a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Choo Choo Express”-inspired potty-training chart with little rewards for a series of successes all the way up to the BIG reward that I’ve been bribing him with for months now – a train table of his very own!


I opted to include photos of each of his rewards – toys that I knew he would be interested in based on the shows he watches – to help motivate him to start using the potty without accidents. I also offered Skittles (1 for trying, 2 for pee, 3 for poop), but he quickly stopped caring about those. So far he has done wonderfully with only a small number of accidents in the 3 weeks he’s been training, so I thought I would share his potty-training chart as my Free Printable Friday this month. Feel free to add photos of your own rewards or just use it as-is. You can also use the stickers however you please – I chose to just do 1 potty (pee OR poop) in one block on the chart, just because he was moving through the chart so quickly he was getting rewards every day!

pottytraining1 pottytraining2 pottytraining3

He is now only 3 blocks away from getting his BIG reward, but since we are having issues with going #2, he’s now only getting stickers for those. I threatened to take away a toy for each #2 accident he had (I had to take his telescope reward away but then gave it back when he had a successful potty trip, and he’s done great ever since!)

All I can say is I hope it makes your potty-training experience a little easier and GOOD LUCK!!

Download the file:


8.5″ x 11″ (letter)

11″ x 17″ (tabloid)

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